February 16, 2016


What is it?


A foam roller is a cylinder usually covered with foam. It is designed to aid with self-myofascial release.




Myo what?!


Self-myofascial release is a fancy term for self-massage. Myo means muscle and fascia means band. Myofascia surrounds all our muscles and tissues, like a spid...

February 12, 2016


Support, accountability, motivation and healthy competition are just some of the benefits of training with a workout partner. Uber Fit know that you're more likely to stick with your training and enjoy it, and for this reason we encourage you to bring a partner, friend or collegue along to...

February 9, 2016

Its Pancake Day!!!


Here is a quick & easy recipe for healthy pancakes, they'll be packed with protein and are gluten free as an added bonus!



2 Eggs

1 Banana 



Mash the banana

Beat in the eggs

Fry in some coconut oil





Add your own topping, I like mine with peanut...

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