February 16, 2016


What is it?


A foam roller is a cylinder usually covered with foam. It is designed to aid with self-myofascial release.




Myo what?!


Self-myofascial release is a fancy term for self-massage. Myo means muscle and fascia means band. Myofascia surrounds all our muscles and tissues, like a spid...

February 12, 2016


Support, accountability, motivation and healthy competition are just some of the benefits of training with a workout partner. Uber Fit know that you're more likely to stick with your training and enjoy it, and for this reason we encourage you to bring a partner, friend or collegue along to...

February 9, 2016

Its Pancake Day!!!


Here is a quick & easy recipe for healthy pancakes, they'll be packed with protein and are gluten free as an added bonus!



2 Eggs

1 Banana 



Mash the banana

Beat in the eggs

Fry in some coconut oil





Add your own topping, I like mine with peanut...

January 29, 2016


When you exercise your muscles are required to work harder than they are used to, this causes microscopic muscular damage. Small micro tears in the muscle.

Its nothing to worry about, muscular damage is one factor that leads to musclar hypertrophy. (that’s growth to me and you!)


If you have...

January 12, 2016

It's on! By popular demand Boot Camp has expanded to Upper Norwood Recreation Ground. Drop by for an hour-long full body strength and conditioning circuit workout! 


Join us by the tennis courts on Tuesday evenings at 7.45pm. We'll be there for an hour, come rain or shine, for just £5.


If yo...

December 27, 2015

1: Cut Out Fizzy Drinks!

Fizzy drinks are laden with sugar, you’d never think of having 9 spoons of sugar in your tea, but that’s what is in a can of coke! Time to switch! Have water or green tea instead.




2: Switch Simple For Complex Carbs

We are not talking white for brown bread either. Ch...

December 13, 2015


Always wondered where vegetarians get their protein? Or perhaps you are fed up of being asked as a vegetarian where you get your protein? Ask no more…



Seitan 75g Per 100g

Also known as wheat gluten, (avoid if you are gluten intolerant.)

High in iron and a source of calcium, it’s a great sou...

November 20, 2015

: In 7 Easy to Follow Steps


Allegedly the Deadlift originated in Ancient Rome, soldiers carrying the dead off the battlefield were hurting their backs. To prevent this they were trained how to lift correctly to keep them fighting fit. Literally an exercise invented to lift the dead, how coo...

November 20, 2015


10 reasons to swing or why kettle-bells are fantastic!


1. Builds a lean physique: You’ll be working on your strength and cardio. You’ll cut body fat and build muscle, the perfect combo!


2. Saves time/shorter workouts: Intense workouts mean less time spent at the gym and more time doin...

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