10 Reasons to Swing

10 reasons to swing or why kettle-bells are fantastic!

1. Builds a lean physique: You’ll be working on your strength and cardio. You’ll cut body fat and build muscle, the perfect combo!

2. Saves time/shorter workouts: Intense workouts mean less time spent at the gym and more time doing other things. You get more bang for your buck as they say…

3. Better posture: It’s a whole body movement, working out every muscle. Strengthening posture, improving flexibility along the way. It’s not possible to swing that bell right if you haven’t got the correct posture.

4. Builds a strong grip: The ol’ bells have a thicker handle than barbells, making them harder to grip, the movement is a little more dynamic, you have to hold on whilst swinging that bell. See your grip improve here and watch it soar in other areas!

5. Improved athletic performance: Whatever your chosen sport, you’d benefit from getting to grips with the bell. The sheer intensity, coordination, flexibility and power required means you’ll be seeing benefits all round.

6. A better bum! Goblet Squats & Swings elicit a far greater muscular response from the glutes than most exercises. You can even hip thrust to really target the area. You’ll be the envy of others in no time.

7. Stronger back: A kettle bell workout works your entire posterior chain (those muscles behind you that you don’t see in the mirror) Which leads to a stronger back, improved posture and performance. A Win Win!

8. Space saving & portable: Take your bell with you, and workout anywhere you want. Be it the beach, the boardroom, on tour; the world is your oyster.

9. Arguably the best ‘core’ exercise: The Turkish Get Up, which is certainly the core exercise I find most challenging, master this and you’ll have no problems with a weak ‘core’.

10. Variety: Sure you’ve got your staples – Swings, Goblet Squats, Cleans, Snatches, Get Ups etc. But you can really get creative and come up with a real variety of movements to try out.

There you have it, 10 reasons to swing. If you want to start getting to grips with the bell, or have any questions drop us a line or get in touch via email: chris@uber-fit.co.uk

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