How to Deadlift

: In 7 Easy to Follow Steps

Allegedly the Deadlift originated in Ancient Rome, soldiers carrying the dead off the battlefield were hurting their backs. To prevent this they were trained how to lift correctly to keep them fighting fit. Literally an exercise invented to lift the dead, how cool!

There are several variations of the deadlift, the Sumo, Deficit, Stiff Legged, Romanian deadlift and more. Well be covering the conventional deadlift for now.

A Deadlift begins with the weight on the floor.

Foot Placement – Feet hip width apart, toes pointed slight out (this helps engage the glutes). You want your shins about 1 inch away from the bar. Imagine splitting your feet in half with the line the bar draws.

Push Your Hips Back – Let your knees to bend and allow your shins to drift forward so they make contact with the bar.

Grip the Bar – Arms about shoulder width apart, hanging just outside the knees.

Chest Up – This ensures a straight back and prevents rounding.

Grip & Pull – Squeeze the bar, pull upwards and imagine you are trying to split the ground beneath you with your feet! Raise your shoulders and hips at the same time.

Lock Out – Bring your hips forward and lock them, stick your chest out at the top

Lowering – Push your hips back first, bend your legs when the bar is past the knees.

Quick Deadlift tips:

Big breath in at the set-up, hold it throughout the movement, exhale at the bottom.

Lock out at the top, don’t over extend. A lockout is the whole body in a straight line.

Don’t bounce the weight between reps, remember it’s a ‘deadlift’. Pause for a second, reset and go for the next rep!

Start light! We all have to start somewhere, learn the movement and get comfortable at a low weight before stacking the plates up.

That’s all folks. Happy Deadlifting!

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