Great vegetarian sources of protein!

Always wondered where vegetarians get their protein? Or perhaps you are fed up of being asked as a vegetarian where you get your protein? Ask no more…

Seitan - veg protein

Seitan 75g Per 100g

Also known as wheat gluten, (avoid if you are gluten intolerant.)

High in iron and a source of calcium, it’s a great source of protein and can be used as a meat substitute.

Lentils 26g per 100g

Level with chicken breast in the protein leagues, and it’s a great source of fiber too. Lentils are incredibly versatile, use them in shepherdess pies, or Indian inspired dishes.

Black Beans 21g per 100g

They have a lower starch content than other beans, and high in antioxidants.. Combine them with a Mexican dish and thank us later.

Nut Butters 20-25g per 100g

A wide variety of nut butters are now available, peanuts, almonds, cashew hazelnut butters. All are great sources of protein and health fats. Look for brands with as few ingredients as possible… avoid the peanut butter with added icing sugar!!

Sunflower Seeds 21g per 100g

Contain many minerals, level with sirloin steak and salmon in protein content. Add to salads, porridge and get a solid protein boost.

Tempeh 18g per 100g

A good alternative to meat. Works as a great addition to oriental dishes or try making your own tempeh burgers.

Our favorite way to start the day. Have them anyway you like. Fantastic source of protein, healthy fats and contain essential minerals. Enjoy!

Cottage Cheese 11g per 100g

Combine with anything you wish. We love adding it to curries.

Quark 10g per 100g

A little known German cheese. Similar to cottage cheese, but smoother and creamier. We use it as a pudding cheese, great mixed with protein powder or for cheesecakes.

Greek Yogurt 10g per 100g

Contains twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt. Add fruit, seeds or oats and enjoy!

There are plenty of other great vegetarian sources of protein, let us know your favorites!

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