7 Quick Fat Loss Tips You Can Use Now:

1: Cut Out Fizzy Drinks!

Fizzy drinks are laden with sugar, you’d never think of having 9 spoons of sugar in your tea, but that’s what is in a can of coke! Time to switch! Have water or green tea instead.

2: Switch Simple For Complex Carbs

We are not talking white for brown bread either. Check out the Glycemic Index (GI), which measures the foods impact on the bodies’ blood sugar levels. The lower the better. Switching potatoes for sweet potatoes is perfect!

3: Start The Day With Breakfast, and a protein breakfast at that.

We have long been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The way protein is digested in the body makes us genuinely feel fuller for longer. Think Eggs for breakfast instead of Sugar Puffs!

4: Eat Unprocessed ‘Clean’ Food. Check the ingredients on your packaging, or better yet cook from scratch!

5: Don’t Bother With Low Fat – Fat is what gives food flavor, we also need it to live. There are good and bad fats, the low fat version might be lower in saturated fat but higher in trans fats (the actual nasty kind!). You’ll also find sugar is added to get the flavor back in, and that’s no good!

6: Cut Down On Sugar – Its unnecessary, has no nutritional value. On top of this it’s a great idea to learn the names manufactures use instead of sugar eg: Maltodextrin, glucose fructose syrup, Agave syrup, dextrose to name a few.

7: Learn To Cook! Nothing beats home cooking and you’ll know exactly what you’ll be consuming. You can make meals like this healthy feast below!

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