Why do I ache after exercise?

When you exercise your muscles are required to work harder than they are used to, this causes microscopic muscular damage. Small micro tears in the muscle.

Its nothing to worry about, muscular damage is one factor that leads to musclar hypertrophy. (that’s growth to me and you!)

If you have an aching pain and stiffness in your muscles 24 hours or so post workout, chances are you’ve got the DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Its nothing to worry about, everyone can get them from seasoned athletes to those working out for the first time. It is your body adapting to new stresses and strains. You’ll find after the first few work outs your body adapts and the soreness post work out lessens over time. If you jump back in after a few weeks off, chances are you’ll get sore again. Consistent programs with constant progressive overload may lead to the DOMS most weeks. Again it’s nothing to worry about.

Our programs are not designed to cause soreness or lead to the DOMS. Post work out soreness is not necessarily a sign of a better workout; your recovery and cool down methods may differ and lead to greater recovery time.

If the pain is getting all too much, some active rest (walking and light exercise) is great to alleviate the DOMS. Recent studies have suggest caffeine may help post workout. Caffeine may reduce soreness as it blocks the central nervous receptors that are related to pain.

If you’ve felt no alleviation in pain more than 72 hours after exercise, it might be best to pop to the docs, get it check out and not go quite so hard next time.

Any questions? Drop us an email, we don’t bite!


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