It’s nearing the start of March and many of you will have made and given up on your New Years Resolutions. The number 1 resolution this year was to loose weight, getting healthy and getting fit were in the top 5.

Despite the good intentions over half of us have given up on our resolutions by the end of January & as little as 8% of us achieve them!

We are here to buck the trend, help you get back on track and start achieving your resolutions. Many of us fail or give up, as they are simply unrealistic.

You need to set goals and setting SMART goals really help. It’s like plotting a route on a map before embarking on a journey. They enable you to break larger goals down into more attainable chunks.

Here is what we mean by smart goals:

S –Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable/Achievable

R- Relevant/Realisitic

T- Time-bound

S- Make them Specific to you and to what you want to achieve. Break them down into smaller steps. Wanting to get Uber fit is all well and good, but how? Perhaps as small a goal as walking for 30mins per day is a good start for you.

M- How will you know once you have achieved the goal? Perhaps your goal was to squat 80kg, it might be to look or feel better, how?

Put a number, figure or attitude behind it!

A- How can it be achieved and is it realistic? Your goals needs to be attainable, giving myself a 3 month limit to squat 200kg is unrealistic, perhaps squatting 120kg is attainable and the ball is rolling in the right direction.

If you have a goal that is too unrealistic it saps motivation. Break your larger goals down into bite-sized chunks.

Small achievable goals create a winning mindset.

R- My goals are not your goals, yours are not mine and nor should they be. All of us are unique and our goals should reflect this. They need to be relevant to you and what you want to achieve.

Doing the dishes won’t get you the body you want, but aiming to cook healthy nutritious meals each day will. Your goal might be to prepare 18 out of 21 meals for the week.

Keep them relevant to you and your goals!

T- Time-bound, helps to establish a sense of urgency, enables you focus on the task at hand instead of allowing life admin to get in the way.

Ask yourself when you’ll achieve the goal, how long will it take? What you can achieve in 6 months,? What can you do 6 weeks from now, what can you do today!

To help you with your SMART goals we have created a template for you to download and use.

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