Our Best Harissa Baked Eggs Recipe

These eggs are a perfect lunch, quick, easy, delicious and here is the recipe below:

PS. You can thank us later!

You will need:

An Onion



Tomatos (Tinned)


Paprika, Salt, Black Pepper, Chilli Flakes & Black Salt (Black salt is lovely, you don't need a lot and it gives it a great smoked flavour!)

The steps:

Put some oil in a pan

Finely Chop Onions, Garlic, Peppers

Add them to the pan in the order in which you chopped

Lightly fry for 5mins

Add the tinned toms, simmer for 5

Make little wells for the eggs with a spoon & get cracking

Put a lid on it and allow to bake until the eggs go white (About 10mins)

Serve and enjoy!

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