7 Reasons to do Farmers Walks!

That's George above, his had some shoulder issues but can perform heavy carries with ease.

His bloody good at them too. Heavy carries tend to be a staple in all our trainees routines, and that's because they are fantastic!

Here is why:

Increase grip strength

Improve overall body strength

Works the 'core'. Just holding the heavy bells enables you to generate a consistent level of tension easily, which is important for spinal health, transfers over to all the other big lifts and...

Everyday strength - your holiday luggage doesn't feel like hard work when your used to carrying vast amounts of weight around for fun!

Versatile, bored of the standard farmers walk? Try them in a variety of positions, overhead, single sided, 2 bells in each hand, rack positions etc. Get inventive.

Body composition. Its a hard exercise done correctly, you'll see changes to your body thats for sure!

So now you know why they are so great, here are some of our favourite varieties:

Farmers walks (hold the bell by your side and go for a walk

Suitcase carries (single sided, go for a wander)

Rack carries (Hold them as George is doing above)

Over Head (hoist the weight overhead and walk. Make sure you keep a tight grip and an eye on the bell)

With all heavy carries the key points are simple:

Big breath, generate tension in your abs.

Imagine squeezing a brick between your shoulder blades

Keep your chest up

Engage your lats, glutes and abs whilst you walk.


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